• Monday, September 7 - Labor Day – no school, no rehearsal

  • Tuesday, September 8 - First Day of School, no rehearsal

  • Band Booster meeting 7 P.M. via Zoom

  • Wednesday, September 9, Band Rehearsal – 6-8 P.M.

  • Thursday, September 10, Band Rehearsal – 6-8 P.M.

  • Friday, September 11- No rehearsal

  • Click link for updated schedule

  • Due to COVID bands will not perform at home football games, home or away.  Performances will be pre-recorded and aired on the jumbotron at the games.  This may change as the season progresses.

  • Marching band students will allowed to attend home football games for free. Current marching students only, family and friends must purchase a ticket.  Students enter on the home side through the band gate.


Friday 8 P.M.

Valdosta vs. Warner Robbins @ Bazemore-Hyder Stadium

The band will not attend game 1 but will instead perform virtually for game 1 (pre-record our performance September 1-3 and air it via jumbotron on game day)

In Person Participants

Entrance and exit traffic will flow one way during all rehearsals.  Students, staff and volunteers should enter through the doors leading to the fine arts hallway and exit the doors nearest the band truck.

90% of rehearsal time will be spent outdoors.  Three indoor areas will be utilized during the rehearsals primarily for storage and set up of equipment: the dance studio, band room #1, and band room #2.  The courtyard, bus lane, and practice field will be utilized for outdoor rehearsal.


Student arrival/drop-off – 5:15 – 6:00 P.M.

Students will stop at Station 1 – Sidewalk leading to the fine arts hallway

Upon arrival you will exit your vehicle and proceed to the check in tables located at the entrance to the fine arts wing.  Students that drive to practice must park in the student parking lot and walk to the check in tables.  Students must wear mask.  Students may bring their own mask.  If they do not have one will be provided. 


Students will be asked the following questions each day:

  • Do you or have you had a fever in the last week?

  • Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?

  • Have you been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19?

  • Have you traveled to a “hot spot” for COVID-19?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, the student will not be allowed to participate.

Social distancing of at least 6 feet will be enforced during all rehearsals. Water fountains will be off limits. 


Mask are mandatory.  The only time it will not be covering your mouth and nose is when you are playing or drinking fluids.  If you do not have this with you every day you will be sent home.

The only items you need to bring from home are your instrument, instrument supplies (reeds, valve oil, etc.), your 3 ring binder with sheet protectors, your neck mask, a pencil and your flip folder.  You may bring a backpack to keep all of your supplies.

Once you have been checked in you will proceed to the music rehearsal area.



Students should not let anyone touch their instrument at any time during rehearsal.  If you have a problem with your horn please let a staff member or a director who is running your rehearsal know.



We will utilize outdoor spaces as often as possible for all rehearsal activities, including music sectionals and rehearsals. 


Anytime we are outside for rehearsal we must follow social distancing guidelines.  Those are staying six feet away from other individuals when off the field for water breaks and other transitional periods.

When traveling between activities as a band, or when entering or exiting any indoor space, remain patient and still, awaiting staff members’ instructions.  They will carefully assign who can travel where and when to ensure proper distance is kept between members of the band.

When you are not playing you must have your mask pulled up over your mouth and nose.


In the Building/Facilities

Common areas will be disinfected regularly.

Only two students at a time may enter the restrooms.

All water fountains and drink machines will be off limits.



Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles or jugs form home.  If you bring your own water jug you will not be able to refill from our water coolers.  We must keep everything as sanitary as possible.  Please make sure your name is on your water jug if you decide to bring one.  Water bottles will be provided in the event that students don’t bring their own. 


Rehearsal Dismissal

Social distancing is still in effect as student leave rehearsal.  Students will be dismissed from rehearsal in small groups.  There will be no “gathering up” in the parking lot.  Please go straight to your vehicles and leave campus. 


Virtual Participants

Rehearsal will take place via Zoom.  Please check in to rehearsal by 5:50 P.M. so that rehearsal may begin on time.  Virtual band camp went very well.  We will continue to build upon that success and continue to follow virtual learning etiquette as outlined in the attached diagram.   


Students will follow in real time with in person participants.  Students should be prepared to follow along with all music rehearsals as well as marching techniques.  Please dress comfortably and prepare a space indoors or outdoors that is suitable for the entire rehearsal.


Just as in the in person rehearsals, students will need a working instrument supplies (reeds, valve oil, etc.), 3 ring binder with sheet protectors, and a pencil. 


If a student cannot be fully present in the virtual setting by being on time, with proper space conducive to rehearsal, with a working instrument, music, proper attire, and staying the entire rehearsal then this may not be the best option. 


Come with a great attitude expecting to learn something new in each rehearsal.



Meeting ID: 893 810 3610

Password: 8jzduP


Working Instrument

-Wind players should have all accessories (mouthpiece, reeds, valve oil, etc.)

-Percussion will only need a pair of snare drum sticks and a practice pad. 

-Anyone that needs to pick up their personal instrument or school owned may pick it up from VHS Mon – Fri 8 A.M. – 3 P.M.


Have Your Music

-Students should be ready to play music in each rehearsal

-Three ring binder to store music

-Pencil to take notes

-All marching band music for the camp is available on the band’s website:

-Anyone needing a hard copy of music may pick it up from VHS Mon – Fri 8 A.M. – 3 P.M.


Good Space to Rehearse In

-Remember this is a band rehearsal

-The space students are rehearsing in should be clear of distractions

-Students may rehearse indoors or outdoors.


Good Zoom Manners

-Be on time

-Plan to stay the entire session

-Mute microphone upon entering Zoom session, do not unmute unless instructed to by director

-Enable camera so all participants can be seen

-Use student’s full name and instrument for participant name

-Session will open 15 minutes prior to start each day


Good Attitude

Be ready to work in each session

Dress in practice attire for each session

Phase 1 Wrap Up

As the VHS Marching Cats Summer Sessions wrap up phase 1, students are encouraged to continue to work their minds and bodies to be ready for the upcoming season.  Here is a workout regimen that any student from beginner to advance can follow to stay in shape.  Perform this workout 2 or more times per week. 


Part 1 – Music Rehearsal

VHS Warm-up  

  • set metronome to 60 bpm

  • Brass players work to have smooth, even, and consistent lip slurs

  • Woodwind players work to have consistent tone in every range of your instrument

  • Percussionists work to have good timing, metronome is a must


Major Scales – work to have F, Bb, Eb, & Ab major scales memorized


Music - Select 2 marching band selections to rehearse and memorize for each session




Part 2 – Workout & Marching Rehearsal

Stretch – 3 minutes


Jumping Jacks – 1 minute duration


Push Ups

  • Beginner (10 in 1 minute)

  • Intermediate (25 in 1 minute)

  • Advance (50 in 1 minute)


Wildcats Entrance Cadence

  • Work to keep balance throughout the cadence

  • Beginner – perform cadence 2 times with no break in between

  • Intermediate – perform cadence 4 times with o break in between

  • Advance – perform cadence 6 times with no break in between